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In Thanksgiving November 22, 2009

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It has been a beautiful semester at the Bhakti Academy.  As we prepare for our annual Thanksgiving Vegetarian Extravaganza, it is most appropriate to acknowledge the service and input of so many individuals who make Krishna House the amazing place that it is today.  I can’t imagine a more worthy cause than creating, providing, and maintaining a center that educates young college students about the techniques of spiritual life that will enable them to maximize their potentials in both their careers and personal lives.

A special thank you to all of you, both currently and in the past, who have made the atmosphere at Krishna House thick with devotion and spiritual inspiration.  It is by your efforts that thousands of students are taking their spiritual lives seriously and actively practising devotional service.  In this way, by checking the imbalance of values in life, we will achieve real unity and peace throughout the world.

Hare Krishna & Happy Thanksgiving!

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