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Bring in the New Year with Bhakti! January 16, 2011

Posted by AR in Bhakti Yoga.

The new year brings infinite opportunities of gratitude, renewal, transition, and transformation.  While we tend to dwell on those things that are going wrong in our life, let us instead be grateful for everything else we so easily take for granted.  In this way, we will begin to capture the momentum of the new year to break free from unhealthy habits and to transition into a new year of Krishna consciousness, balance, strength, freedom, and unlimited potential.

At the Bhakti Academy, we train ourselves to transform our self-centered consciousness into Krishna consciousness.  In so doing, we liberate ourselves from self-defeating false ego, pride, and envy.  Through the process of bhakti yoga, we free ourselves from mental obstacles that impede our contribution to the world, our community, our family, and ourselves.  Transforming our identify as the subject of enjoyment to the object of God’s enjoyment, we learn how to dedicate our lives for the well-being of others and simultaneously discover the bliss of selfless service and the contentment of giving back.

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