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Meet the Students

Class of 2012


Class of 2011

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Missoula, MT


Vancouver, Canada


Lucknow, India


Gainesville, Florida


Orlando, Florida


Bangalore, India


New Dehli, India

Jahnavi Priya dd

Tallahassee, FL


Margate, FL


Bethesda, MD


Gainesville, FL


New Delhi, India

Deepti & Vaibhav

Bangalore, India


La Paz, Bolivia

Class of 2009


Gainesville, FLp8160506Jude is a sophomore at Santa Fe Community College where he is pursuing a degree in nursing.  He is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a full-time Bhakti Academy student.

“After going to school and working very hard to earn money, I realized that all of the things my money could buy were not permanent.  I gained a drop of understanding from dabbling in spiritual texts and practices, that there are things we can taste in this world that will stay with us throughout our lives.  These things even death cannot rob us of.  Wanting to imbibe these things and gain lasting happiness,  I have chosen to pursue my spiritual destiny here at the Institute for Vaishnava Studies.

My favorite part of this program is the sense of community we have with each other.  While striving to truly understand that we are all God’s children and are one big spiritual family, we accept people for their similarities and differences and embrace our cultural and ethnic foundations as well.”


Lake Mary, FLbhtn_kelly_10-11-08Kelly is completing her senior year at UF with an anthropology major and a religion minor.  She is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a full-time Bhakti Academy student.

“I have loved the temple atmosphere since the first time I visited Krishna House when I was 17.  After going to Krishna Lunch and evening programs at Krishna House, I really wanted to move in but had no idea what that would entail.  Krishna House offers amazing programs to students who want to work hard academically and spiritually.  They really opened their doors to me and I can’t think of another place in Gainesville I’d rather live.

Community living with so many individuals is more than I could have ever imagined.  The spiritual growth here is inevitable with so many opportunities like serving Krishna Lunch, cooking for the Saturday evening feast, downtown Hari Nam Sankirtanon Friday nights, taking and giving classes, and interacting with the Gainesville and UF community.  Every moment is fresh and exciting.  I suppose that is ultimately my favorite thing about living here- every moment and experience is new and unpredictable.  And it only gets better!”


Miami, FLpa090036

Majoring in psychology, Andres is completing his senior year at UF.  He is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a full-time Bhakti Academy student.

“I was spending a lot of time at Krishna House and came to the conclusion that there is only so far that one can grow in Krishna Consciousness by oneself.  Moving in felt like the right move.  Almost every day I get this feeling of disbelief at the fact that I actually live here.

My favorite part of the program has been getting to know the people who live here at Krishna House.  Everyone has so much personality, and I smile inside just looking at them.  Also, everyone is really serious about making advancement and growing in Krishna Consciousness, which luckily rubs off on me.  Every time I spend a weekend at my mom’s house in Miami, I realize how important devotee association is.  Moving into this house is the best decision I’ve ever made.  I feel very blessed to be allowed to live here.  I can’t imagine living without devotees.”


Gainesville, FLpc090313

Trey recently graduated from the Florida School of Massage and is now a licensed massage therapist.  He is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a full-time Bhakti Academy student.

“Along with the willingness of the Krishna community to reach out to the local community, I was inspired by the life work of His Holiness Bhakti Tirtha Swami Maharaja.

My favorite aspect of the program is the intimate Bhagavad Gita classes and the bonding I share with the other guys here.  Together we are building a strong brotherhood.”


Lucknow, Indiapc010075

Nimit is a first-year PhD student in the Engineering Department at UF.  He is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a part-time Bhakti Academy student.

“Desiring to develop my spiritual life and experience a higher happiness, I wanted to move into the Krishna House ashram in order to live with good, loving, and caring people in a healthy, spiritually vibrant atmosphere.  Frustrated due to dry studies, my mind is soothed everyday by the ecstatic kirtans, dancing, and delicious food (without having to cook).

My favorite part of the program is the intellectual and spiritual discussions, the dancing, singing, prasadam, japa meditation, and waking up at 4:30AM!”


Riverside, Californiapa310400-1

Nathan is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a part-time Bhakti Academy student.

“I came here because I wanted a spiritual life in this 21st century atmosphere.  The association of spiritually-minded persons is a must.  Indeed, without good association, spiritual life is all but impossible- or at least very, very difficult.

The kirtans are definitely the best part of the program.  We also have delicious feasts and I recommend for all you creative folks out there to come to one of our evening programs.  There you will find wonderful kirtan and prasadam, not to mention a nice lesson on spiritual topics.  Hare Krishna!”

Jaya Sita dd

Puerto Ricopb050573-1

Jaya Sita recently received a graduate degree in music from Temple University.  She is an accomplished cello player and currently plays with the Gainesville Chamber Orchestra.  Jaya Sita is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a part-time Bhakti Academy student.


West Palm Beach, FLpb200163-1

Jaimin is a freshman at UF, a resident in the Krishna House ashram, and a part-time Bhakti Academy student.

“I wanted to move into Krishna House to improve my sadhana bhakti.  Here, the morning program provides a great opportunity for chanting and makes the rest of my day blissful.  The kirtan is also enjoyable.

My favorite part of the program is the kirtan, philosophical discussions, prasadam, and the association with other devotees.”


Alachua, FLpb050584-1

Namamrita is a junior at UF, majoring in English.  She is a resident in the Krishna House ashram and a part-time Bhakti Academy student.



Naveen is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Engineering at UF, a resident in the Krishna House ashram, and a part-time Bhakti Academy student.

“I feel great to be part of Krishna House.  It has really brought happiness into my life and more strength to handle the everyday stress of being a grad student.

At Krishna House there are certain rules and regulations we must follow, which helps in increasing our devotional service.  One may think of them as boundaries or barriers, but, truly, they help you in clearing your heart and understanding spiritual life better.”



1. satvata dasa - May 20, 2009

I wish the best for all of the students who have been part of this wonderful program along with Krishna lunch.
Certainly IVS will change their life! As did mine!
Wishing the best,
Satvata dasa

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